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Jonathan Duran’s Elemental Series

Universally, the “elements” are believed to reflect the simplest essential parts of which the fundamental powers of everything are based. Traditionally in Western culture, there are a total of four elements (earth, air, fire, water), but in some Eastern beliefs, there are five - including the element of ether. In Jonathan Duran’s search for his connection to these aspects of perception, he has created an amazing jewelry line to explore these five elements in all their glory.
Element: Air, Representation: Hawk

Whenever I have been in need of answers, I have always retreated into nature to take a moment and listen to what the ancient wisdom of the wind tells me. Often, in those most profound moments, I will either see a hawk nearby or I will look just ahead of me, and a beautiful hawk feather has miraculously appeared in my path. Always, it is a deeply profound moment for me. In Native American culture, the hawk is seen as an important messenger of the divine wisdom that Mother/Father Spirit is telling us. Hawk gives us a great opportunity to keep our eyes peeled and start noticing exactly what is around us. I love that aspect of hawk as it always gives me inspiration to back up and look at things from a much wider and open perspective. No matter what faces me, knowing hawk is there ... I know I am just fine. 
- Jonathan Duran 
Element: Ether, Representation: Mandala

Of all the elements, ether is the most intriguing to me. It is the fifth element that deals with that which is non-physical, or what I like to call “spirit”. It is usually associated with the stars and cosmos and describes the unseen energy felt in the universe. I have chosen to explore this element with my favorite symbolic representation of spirit: the mandala. The mandala can be seen in cultures globally and is often depicted in the highest form of connection to the Divine. From the Native American “medicine wheel” to the intricately complex Tibetan mandalas, this exploration of this unseen element of ether brings all those who connect with it closer to however “spirit” touches them. It is different for everyone - and my intention is to provide this personal connection for all those interested in a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. - Jonathan Duran
Element: Water, Representation: Waves

Water is known for healing/cleansing and a symbol of change. The fact that most of the Earth consists of water and that the human body has almost an identical percentage of water makes it’s connection to our existence on this planet very uncanny. Without water, we would soon perish. And our energetic vibration has so much to do with this fluid element that anything representing this will have a strong influence. My intention is to create a line to enhance our natural connection to water and all its healing and transformational qualities to those who wear it. - Jonathan Duran
Element: Fire, Representation: TBD

Fire is my favorite of all the elements. I have a very strong connection to it and what it represents. Astrologically, I am a triple fire sign, so I resonate deeply with all aspects of this dynamic element. On my first vision quest, all alone, far off the grid and deep in the Mojave Desert, I woke up my first morning after a terrifying night - to the sun slowly rising over the hills. I was so profoundly grateful for this incredible celestial body, that I conceived of my very first mandala with a sun. Little did I know that this was the genesis of my entire vocation that you are witnessing here. I remain deeply connected to fire and I am so thrilled to explore my interpretation of it in this very special line. - Jonathan Duran

Line coming soon.
Element: Earth, Representation: TBD

Earth is our home. Earth is said to be our mother. Everything we experience is somehow affected by our connection to this very grounding element. It often represents all that is living on this planet, such as all of the animal and plant kingdoms. As we share this home with so many living creatures, the Earth is our tie to our experience on this three-dimensional plane. We owe much to Earth and my intention is to honor her with this line dedicated to all her glory. - Jonathan Duran

Line coming soon.