Creating Timeless Beauty

Owners & Designers: Danuta & Jonathan Duran

Trained in the most modern of techniques at the Cecilia Bower Studio and by Omar Torres (Bulgari's legendary designer), Danuta has created countless works of art inspired by ancient Celtic motifs in platinum and gold and now a silver jewelry line which is as unique, expressionistic, and individual as the individuals who wear it.

Jonathan received his formal education from Carnegie Mellon University's College Of Fine Arts, where he studied the various techniques of painting, design, and illustration. He went on to graduate from Pitzer College with a bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology along with his bachelors of Fine Arts degree - both of which has influenced his unique style based on an eclectic interpretation of art history and design.

To maintain impeccable quality their trendsetting designs, Danuta and Jonathan use only the most exquisite hand-selected precious and semi-precious stones, top-quality platinum, gold, and 925 sterling silver.

Their collective dream is to create pieces that significantly move people through a lasting impression of their precious works of art.

Realizing Dreams

The Company

Danuta Fine Jewelry was conceived over two decades ago, shortly after Danuta had completed her rigorous education as a master jewelry designer.

Starting out on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, Danuta decided to bring her business to the fresh mountain air of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Establishing herself in a fine boutique of a store in the world-famous Santa Fe Plaza, Danuta has enjoyed a long and passionate career as an internationally known jewelry designer and manufacturer. She currently numbers among the most innovative of her kind in the US and has expanded to the West Coast partnering with the innovative talent of Jonathan Duran in their new boutique in Santa Barbara, California.

Products by Danuta & Jonathan are individualistic adornments of the highest quality. Their distinguished and diverse designs are appreciated worldwide by people who love and wear exceptional jewelry.